When describing my approach as a Cinematographer, one word comes to mind: Jazz.

No matter how much we prepare, no matter how much we plan and prepare - everything can change in a split second. I adapt to the improvisation like a musician in a jazz band. I am a collaborator that takes pride in knowing my role and finding the best way to contribute. I strive to put forth the best approach, to communicate and to listen as we play on to the same beat.

My aesthetic is range. My years as a camera assistant offered exposure to several forms of shooting, from minimal formats like a documentary with a lot of run and gun shooting or taking the technically ambitious route using an AR wall or a fully mobile room. I love to tell honest stories as much as I love trouble shooting the impossible.

Hello my name is Dominic Jones, I like to go by Domo.

General Inquiries - iamdominicjjones@gmail.com

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